FanMarketCap is a data & utility platform for Fan Tokens. Fan Tokens, issued by the leading blockchain based solution for Fan Engagement are a new digital asset that represents a fans share of influence. Fans are empowered to vote in club decisions, engage with club content and gain access to exclusive rewards, offers and more.

We created FanMarketCap with the mission to become a one-stop-shop for Fan Token holders aiming to expand the utility of this rapidly growing ecosystem. Currently, users are able to visit and track information from their favourite Fan Tokens such as price, volume, circulating supply and more.

Whilst we don’t want to spoil too much about what we have planned for the future, we can tell you that we are here for the long run and are already beginning to plan user accounts and profiles to bring to life a new social ecosystem around Fan Tokens, their utility and the trading of them. We try to push quality of life updates throughout the week to make our users understand the ever-changing ecosystem in which we are a part of.

FanMarketCap would like to be a community driven effort. We’re looking to expand the team of passionate chilizens behind the scenes as well as looking for feedback to know how we can improve and bring more functionality to the platform which has high demand. If you believe that you have skills that FanMarketCap could benefit, please email For feedback, please join our Telegram group, follow us on Twitter and don’t hesitate to Tweet us at any time.

Remember, theres no such thing as a bad idea 😜

Happy voting & trading,
~FanMarketCap Team

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